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Faith and purpose

Creativity works through us, a purity beautifully tainted by the eyes of our human perspective.  I've been in love with getting lost in its grips since I can remember.  I grew up in dysfunction, and came to realize creativity as the only outlet for the pain.  I work in the medium of what calls me, most of it with elements from nature fused in.  Nature is our answer, she is the giver of life, and the road home.  I think art should speak to the parts of us we can only feel, the parts where words don't suffice.  Art should inspire the cracks in our hearts to let more light through.  It should help us cry and help us dream.  

Born and raised in Washington state, I am a lover of the trees.  They are my muse.  the strength of there roots and the flexibility of their branches.  they breathe our exhale and we breathe theirs... the beauty in the symbiotic relationship allows my heart to access the reverence that bows the body... 

I vow to always be a vessel.  I believe in the gentle nature of the human being for life has broken me open.  I've paid in pain the price to uncovered.  I think some of us come here to break cycles and to challenge the societal narratives.  A quote from 'women who run with the wolves' by Clarissa Pinkola Estes says it best... 

    "The deepest work is usually the darkest.  a brave woman, a wisening woman, will develop the the poorest of psychic land, for if she builds only on the best land of her psyche, she will have for a view the least of what she is.  so do not be afraid to investigate the worst.  It only guarantees increase of soul power through fresh insights and opportunities for re-visioning one's life and self anew."

This runs hand in hand for me with creative expression.  IT's alchemy at its finest.  The darkness shall birth the light.  Every evil will become empathy,  a transformation through the grace of forgiveness and the knowing of acceptance.  

Let’s Work Together

I am available for mural arts, poetry, commissions, or verbal hugs if needed. 

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